AUGUST 2021 – APRIL 2022

“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again…” ― Abraham Maslow

We believe that personal and professional growth is a journey, not a destination. GYP Journey Leadership Institute was born out of this belief. We recognize that great leaders are not born, they are created. John Maxwell said, “Growth is the great separator between those who succeed and those who do not.”

Are you interested in growing and developing yourself or your business? Consider GYP’s Journey Leadership Institute. Investing in yourself or in your organization is the best investment you will ever make.

What is the Journey Leadership Institute?
GYP’s Journey Leadership Institute is a nine-month business leadership program which combines the expertise of Gwinnett’s top leadership and development organizations into one cohesive program where participants are led through a series of workshops that work together to grow and cultivate their current skills and knowledge. The program begins each year in August and concludes in April.

Applications open April 1
Applications close July 1

Who Should Apply
GYP is seeking young professionals with a high potential to succeed in their organization and lead their community! Applicants should have a strong desire to sharpen their personal leadership skills, increase their community influence, and improve their professional skill sets.

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Program Details

The Journey Leadership Institute begins with a combination of training on core values, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. After developing a deep understanding of self, Journeyers will continue to grow and develop as they participate in each of the 7-monthly topic-based workshops. Each Journeyer will also be assigned to a Crew which will be composed of 8-10 Journeyers and a Crew Leader who will lead them into deeper discussions. Crews will meet virtually in between monthly workshops.

Monthly workshops will cover:

  • Self-Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Effective Communication
  • Values-Driven Leadership and Culture
  • Leading Individuals and Performance Management
  • Influence and Power
  • Effectiveness, Innovation and Change Leadership

Attendance: Regular attendance is a vital component of active learning. Attendance is mandatory for all activities assigned to complete the GYP Journey program.

Class Participation: Participants will be expected to complete any required preparations prior to class attendance and engage in active discussions with leaders, peers and invited guest speakers.

$1,000 – Early Bird Registration
$1,500 – After July 1

Are you interested in taking your professional development to the next level? Submit your application for the Journey Leadership Institute today!

Are you looking to invest in your organization by cultivating and developing your workforce? Consider nominating your team members for the Journey Leadership Institute!

Gwinnett Young Professionals is one of the best leadership development programs of its kind. At Jackson EMC, we’ve experienced first hand the benefits of being involved with this organization. Whether it’s learning the fundamentals of management through the Leadership Institute or building relationships through various networking opportunities, GYP delivers outstanding value for our business, not to mention our employees. Investing in the next generation will ensure the future success of both our companies and our communities.

Gwinnett District Manager, Jackson EMC

At this point, we have sent all of our eligible young professionals through Gwinnett Young Professionals (GYP) Leadership Institute. After we sent our first team member through the program, we added it as a standard for all of our young professional’s continuing education. The Journey GYP Leadership Institute has done a great job supplementing these young professionals’ soft skills and providing a community that they cannot get from school. Keeping and nurturing young professionals in our community is critical to building a thriving legacy for Gwinnett.

CEO, Rock Paper Scissors

Are you interested in mentoring a group of high potential young professionals? Apply to be a Journey Crew Leader!

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