Journey Crew Leader

Crew Leader Application

Each Journey participant will be assigned to a Crew which will be composed of 8-10 Journeyers and a Crew Leader who will lead them into deeper discussions. The purpose of the Crews is to create a safe space for continued dialogue and to cultivate a sense of belonging within each journeyer. If you are interested in mentoring a group of high potential young professionals, consider applying to be a Journey Crew Leader!

Requirements: Applicants must be living and/or currently working in Gwinnett County. We prefer for applicants to have already completed the Journey Leadership Institute, but it is not required.

Commitment: Crew Leaders must be able to meet with their Crews once a month in between the in-person topical workshops (consists of 8 total Crew meetings). Crew Leaders must be prepared for the Crew meetings to last anywhere between 45-90 minutes. The Crew Leaders will receive a meeting outline, provided by the GYP Manager, prior to each Crew meeting which will give instructions on how to facilitate/guide the conversation. Whether Crews meet in-person or virtually will be up to the individual Crews to decide.

Applications close on July 30th

Please direct all questions to