Leadership Institute


This 6-month program will meet once a month for two hours.

Spring: January-June  / Fall: July-December


The goal of the Gwinnett Young Professionals Leadership Program is to contribute to the personal and professional development of young professionals in the Gwinnett community and prepare them for positions of increasing responsibility, both within their organizations and as citizens of Gwinnett.


The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Leadership Institute will engage you in experiential and interactive learning initiatives designed to:

  • Identify and develop a personal leadership styles
  • Examine contemporary leadership theories
  • Increase competencies in the skills essential for effective leadership
  • Explore, participate and reflect on the concept of leadership for social change
  • Increase awareness of opportunities for community involvement
  • Inspire the next generation of community leaders to prepare themselves for positions of civic leadership
  • Equip young professionals with skills in the following areas:
    • Focus and Vision
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Delegation
    • Team Building
    • Time Management
    • Stress Management


The Gwinnett Young Professional Leadership Institute is designed to be an interactive exploration of personal leadership development. Active learning on the part of each individual is an essential component of this valuable experience. Active learning involves more than just attending the Leadership Institute–it also requires participants to engage in critical reflection of readings and discussions, formulate individual perspectives on the issues raised in the Institute, and actively participate in the exchange of ideas with other young professionals. All participants will be expected to:

  • Arrive at the Institute meetings on time prepared and with all appropriate materials
  • Actively participate in class discussions and activities (to include both sharing ideas and learning the views of other young professionals)
  • Complete all assignments by designated due dates


Meeting: The Young Professionals Leadership Institute will meet ONCE per month at various locations in Gwinnett County. Attendance: Regular attendance is a vital component of active learning. Attendance is mandatory for all classes in order to graduate from the Institute. Class Participation: All participants will be expected to complete any required preparations prior to class attendance and engage in active discussions with class leaders, other participants and invited guest speakers.


Class 1: Introduction to the Young Professionals Leadership Institute, Lecture and discussion #1 Class 2: Lecture and discussion #2 Class 3: Lecture and discussion #3 Class 4: Lecture and discussion #4 Class 5: Lecture and discussion #5 Class 6: Lecture and discussion #6 Commencement: June 2018 for Spring and December 2018 for Fall

Through 4/16/18


Through 6/29/18


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