Areas of Focus


These professional development programs are specifically designed to inspire, motivate, and educate you as you begin or grow your career.

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Leadership Lab

These programs focus on growing and developing your skills and knowledge. Topics covered include: leadership, personal branding, time management, effective communication, business foundations and more.

Business Insider

These events give you access to some of the most prominent and influential business people in our community in order to give you wisdom, perspective, and insight.


These social events encourage you to mix and mingle with young professionals in a relaxed environment. You can network and build professional and personal relationships all while having a great time.

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Morning Mixer

Held monthly, these morning networking events allow you to share ideas, questions, and leads over coffee and breakfast.

Off The Clock

Held once a quarter, these evening networking events create a fun environment to meet and get connected with other YPs in Gwinnett.


These community engagement programs are avenues for young adults to utilize their sphere of influence to positively impact others. You have unique qualities, skills, and expertise that your community is in need of!

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Community Service

GYP partners with different non-profit organizations to rally young professionals around different service projects in our community.

Volunteers Bureau

This platform allows us to connect local non-profits with young professionals who want to get involved. If you’re interested in volunteering, click here to fill out your application for the Volunteers Bureau and we will get you connected! If you are an organization looking for volunteers, click here.